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It’s no news web3 is the topic of discussion in every major social media space. Ever since Facebook announced its change of name to Meta, the question on everyone’s mind is what is web3? And how can I position for it?  Well before we get into that we need to first define what web3 is.

What is web3?

Simply put, web3 is an advance and improved version of web2. Web3 is a decentralized web that is not controlled by any corporation or government unlike the previous version of the web where big tech corporations are in charge of users’ data and control everything. Web3 gives back the power to the user and allows them to be in charge of their identity.

Now that we have gotten the definition out of the way, the next question on your mind is what are the types of jobs on web3 and how can I position for them? Before I go into that, let’s look at the reasons why you should consider web3/On-chain jobs.

Firstly, the effect of web3 will be felt by everyone. This is not a change or movement that will be kept confined to just a particular group of people. As long as you are an internet user, you have to embrace web3, you can’t run away or hide from it unless you want to ostracize yourself and go leave under a rock, which is okay, we don’t understand you, but we respect your wish and wish you well. 

Secondly, web3 gives young people the ability to become experts in so little time without having to wait for years, unlike other jobs where you have to acquire degrees upon degrees to become an expert. In web3, all you have to do is participate and with time you become knowledgeable and an expert in your chosen web3 niche.

Lastly, there is currently a mass exodus of the smartest people from FANG companies. The smartest people in the world are quitting their jobs to give web3 a shot. The question is wouldn’t you like to associate and share ideas with these smart people and possibly create something meaningful?


Web3 is a booming innovation that will encompass all areas of our lives. Web2 was mostly the reign of developers, investors, and tech companies. In Web3 we will see the reign of investors, developers, cryptocurrency companies, artists, musicians, writers, gamers, etc. No one will be exempted. Web3 is an innovation of the people, by the people, and for the people.


1: volunteer as an intern

Volunteering as an intern is the fastest way to discover if a particular space will be good for you and your career aspirations. This is the best option for newbies looking to learn about cryptocurrency and gain some experience. To really find out what you can do in the Web3 and blockchain space, you need to get your feet wet and be willing to experiment with the different web3 ecosystems.

2: Write

Your ability to write is one of the most valuable skills you can have. It’s difficult not only to write good content but also to have the courage to express yourself, never tell yourself that you can’t be a writer. I’d never considered myself a writer either yet here I am typing out this content for you. Gone are the days writers lock themselves up in a room or visit a desert in search of inspiration for a new book. These days all you need to write is a mobile phone and the willingness to put yourself out there.

3: Becoming an Early Adopter is a great way to get ahead of the game.

Early adopters are generally the best people to hire early on. Founders want to hire people who are passionate about their mission and believe in the organization’s goals. Early adopters who are already contributing to projects in their spare time are significantly more qualified candidates than career mercenary workers looking for compensation.

4: leverage social media platforms

Web3 currently has little to no entry barrier, now is a good time to get in by leveraging social media platforms. Is there a particular web3 project you like so much? Aggressively tweet about it. Do you believe and think you can contribute to the development of a web3 community? Join their discord group and participate in the activities going on there. Do you have a skill and you think it will benefit a particular web3 project? Tweet about it and tag the company.

5: Join a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization)

Joining a DAO can be a wonderful method to obtain early experience and grow your reputation if you have knowledge or a particular affinity for a specific product or protocol. Showing that you are a value to have to the DAO is a great way to get started and be compensated for your contributions.


The world is moving towards a permissionless economy, you don’t need permission from any government, corporations, organizations, institution to participate in web3 and blockchain technology. Find your web3 family, the place you belong, and do wonderful things.

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